How does 2-way Satellite Internet work?

Clients using 2-way Satellite Internet service connect to the internet via an Earth Station consisting of a parabolic microwave antenna -- a satellite dish with receiving and transmitting capabilities. The earth station sends and receives signals to a satellite in geostationary orbit around the Earth. The satellite communicates with another earth station which is connected to the Internet. 2-way satellite communication means no other terrestrial links are required -- no phone line needed.

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Will I need a large dish?

The size of dish required is dependant on your location within the satellite footprint (see What areas are covered?). The closer you are to the centre of a footprint, the smaller the dish.

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Can I use my existing satellite TV dish?

Satellite TV systems are one way, which means that they simply receive a signal. Our systems are a two way product that both receive a signal and send one back to the satellite. This means that the type of dish is different to that used for receiving satellite TV.

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Will I need special software?

No not all all our modems can be accessed through any web browser and also you can Tel-net it.

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Do I need a dedicated phone line?

The satellite system looks after both reception and transmission, so works completely independently of phone system. A phone line is temporarily required during the setup portion of the Star Duo system. All other systems are can be commissioned over the satellite.

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Can I install it myself?

Professional installation of the dish is required by FCC and other telecommunications governance bodies. Since the satellite dish can transmit to any satellite in space, it is important to position it properly. It is possible to disrupt the wrong satellite by an improperly aligned satellite dish therefore it must be installed professionally. We are happy to arrange installation ourselves in the UK and recommend installers in other countries.

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Am I always connected?

Yes. Extreme weather conditions can temporarily disrupt satellite communications, but often do not last long.

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Do I need a license?

According to FCC, and most other countries, you do require some type of license since you are operating a 2-way radio antenna.

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