BGAN’s BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) is the first mobile satellite service to deliver broadband data and   voice simultaneously through one device, to almost anywhere on the planet.

With the successful launch of the first and second Inmarsat-4 satellites, global satellite coverage is growing ever closer, with coverage now extended to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, most of Asia Pacific and Western Australia and the Americas.  The two I-4 satellites cover 85% of the world's land mass.

Based on IP technology, BGAN delivers data rates of up to 492 Kbps.  The service is accessed via a small, lightweight satellite terminal - about the size of a laptop - which is easy to carry, quick to set up and simple to use. You have SMS, Voicemail and ISDN capabilities

BGAN enables users to remotely access corporate networks using a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, to send emails, transfer files and access the internet, whilst making a telephone call at the same time.
Inmarsat's BGAN service is available on a global basis

Coverage of BGAN service

Watch the quick setup of BGAN Terminals

Hughes 9201
The fastest of the BGAN terminals, the HNS 9201 allows you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet and circuit switched data via USB, Ethernet, ISDN and WLAN interfaces over the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network.

The rugged design of the 9201 allows the terminal to be installed outside in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time. Multiple user support allows your entire team to share a single 9201 simultaneously, providing the site with a broadband local area network.

The terminal's small size and weight allows you to easily move it from site to site and be connected again within minutes. When you're at a remote site, sending and receiving the information you need is critical, the 9201 offers a true alternative network that enables corporate teams to communicate their critical information - anywhere, anytime.

  Hughes 9201

492 Kbps IP data (transmit and receive) 
Allows simultaneous use of all interfaces (Ethernet, USB, ISDN and WLAN) 
Multi-user capability (up to 11 simultaneous sessions) 
Selectable quality of service (33k, 64k, 128k or 256k) 
Full IP compatibility - email, file transfer (FTP), VPN, browsing etc 
Cost effective "always on" access - only charged for data sent & received

Hughes 9250

Galaxy Satellite Communications is pleased to announce the introduction of the HNS 9250 - allowing you to access a Broadband Satellite connection through a vehicular mounted terminal over the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network.

The Hughes Network Systems (HNS) 9250 Broadband Satellite Terminal and WLAN Access Point is your gateway to global communication. The 9250 allows you to simultaneously send and receive IP packet and circuit-switched data via Ethernet, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and WLAN interfaces.

  BGAN Hughes 9250

The unit offers you the following features and benefits:

  • • Fully autonomous tracking antenna acquires and tracks the BGAN satellite signal while on the    move
  • • Easy antenna installation (magnetic mount) on vehicle roof
  • • Includes antenna control unit and all cables and power supplies for vehicular installation
  • • Up to 464 Kbps data (transmit and receive) and 128 Kbps streaming IP data rate1
  • • Speech (4Kbps)
  • • ISDN voice (3.1KHz audio)
  • • ISDN data (64Kbps)
  • • WLAN access point
  • • Multi-user capability for sharing a single unit
  • • Selectable Quality-of-Service (QoS)
  • • Full IP compatibility for Email, file transfer (FTP), browsing, VPN, etc.
  • • Cost-effective “always-on” access – charges only for data sent and received
  • • UMTS IP-based services
  • • WLAN, FCC, CE, and GMPCS certified
  • • Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card security
  • • GPS and WLAN status LEDs

NeraWorldPro 1000

Half the size of a laptop and weighing less than 1kg, the NeraWorldPro 1000 meets the toughest demands for portability. Built for persistent travel and bumpy rides, the terminal is incredibly durable and works just as well in a dusty desert as in a humid rain forest.

The NeraWorldPro 1000 offers high speed data and voice simultaneously through one terminal. Over a standard IP connection, it connects at up to 384kbps in the receive direction, and up to 240kbps when sending. Streaming data is available at 32kbps and 64kbps for both send and receive. The terminal connects to a laptop computer via a USB port or over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The unique feature of the NeraWorldPro 1000 is its separate antenna, attached by cable, which allows the user to position the antenna on a window sill while working indoors. Voice is via a custom Nera handset or via a Bluetooth handset.

NeraWorldPro 1010 
Please take note that the NeraWorldPro 1010 BGAN is now available. The only difference between the two models is the 1010 has an Ethernet Interface as opposed to the USB on the 1000.


The EXPLORER® 300 is the smallest and most compact terminal in the Thrane&Thrane’s range of BGAN products. Offering data speeds up to 384 kbps, the EXPLORER® 300 is the lightest of the series, with a weight of 1.4 kg. The EXPLORER® 300 is designed in a magnesium casing to ensure maximum durability and reliability and is fully IP 54 compliant.

The EXPLORER® 300 is easy to set-up and handle. Point the antenna towards the BGAN satellite and you are on your way to accessing the Internet, your e-mail, voice calls, video conferencing and streaming, corporate servers, and all the other features that EXPLORER® 300 has to offer.

Features include:

  • • Simultaneous voice and data communications    over BGAN
  • • High-speed data transfer up to 384 kbps
  • • Seamless global coverage
  • • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64 kbps
  • • Standard LAN, Bluetooth and phone interfaces
  • • Easy system setup and operation
  • • Lightweight, splash and dust proof design
  • • Robust, reliable and durable design 

Essentially a BGAN terminal with integral antenna, the EXPLORER® 500 comes complete with compass for antenna orientation and display for basic functionality. Simply enter your PIN and point the antenna to make and receive phone and fax calls, or even read SMS. Hooking up a data device allows you to manage your phone book, messages and calls, and customize the terminal to your specific needs.

Setting up your EXPLORER® 500 is quick and easy. Just plug in a phone, fax, laptop or PDA, or use the Bluetooth interface, point the antenna towards the BGAN satellite - and you are online. Your private corporate office on the move adds little more than 1kg to your baggage. If you happen to be sheltered, the optional external antenna can be erected in a convenient location outside.

  Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER® 500

Simultaneous voice & data communications over BGAN High speed data transfer up to 464 Kbps 
Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128 Kbps 
Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax interfaces lightweight yet robust, splash and dust proof design built-in Bluetooth handset charger 

The EXPLORER® 700 is the fastest of the three series of Thrane&Thrane BGANs with access to the highest bandwidth of up to 492 kbps. This design also allows simultaneous admittance to multiple users with a specially designed antenna and environmental protection, providing persistent functionality.
The EXPLORER® 700 is a vital development in satellite communications and will be of great assistance to anyone that is dependent on relaying information fast under any condition. With this terminal you will be able to have access to the Internet, your e-mail, fax, voice calls, voice conferencing and streaming, corporate servers and all the other features the EXPLORER® 700 has to offer.

Thrane & Thrane EXPLORER® 700


Features include: 

  • • Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN.
  • • Full duplex, single or multi-user, up to 492 kbps. 
  • • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps. 
  • • Seamless global coverage. 
  • • Integral DHCP/NAT wireless router. 
  • • ISDN compatibility. 
  • • Built-in web server allowing you to manage your phone book, messages and calls, and customize the terminal to your specific needs.
  • • Solar panel direct interface.
  • • Detachable lightweight antenna with integral transceiver stand and transceiver-to-antenna range in excess of 70m/230ft.
  • • Compact portable unit, sturdy and reliable construction .
  • • Humidity, dust, weather and temperature-resistant design .
  • • Rapid deployment and takedown.



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